• Ness-Reflect 10 Projectiles or play 5 Brawls
  • Marth-Beat Classic Mode or play 10 Brawls
  • Luigi-Play through classic mode with no continues or 22 Brawls
  • Falco-Beat 100 Man Brawl or 50 Brawls

Captain Falcon-Beat Classic on Normal in less than 12 Minutes or 70 Brawls

  • Lucario-Clear Target Smashes 1-5 with one character or 100 Brawls
  • Snake-Play 15 Brawls on Shadow Moses Island or 130 Brawls
  • ROB-160 Brawls or unlock 250 Different Trophies
  • Ganondorf-Play through Classic mode with Link or Zelda on Hard or 200 Brawls
  • Mr. Game and Watch-Play through Classic Mode with Every Character or 250 Brawls
  • Sonic-Beat the Subspace Emissary,  or 300 Brawls
  • Jigglypuff-Found in a secret room in swamp after completing Subspace Emissary or 350 Brawls
  • Wolf-SSE - In the stage “Iseki” (Ruins) skip the first door you pass when being lowered in to the pit. Instead enter the second door at the bottom to unlock him with Fox or 450 Brawls.
  • Toon Link-400 Brawls or Complete Classic with Link after beating the Emissary.

I really like how Sora allows you to unlock characters by two different styles.

  • 75M-Play as Donkey Kong 20 Times in Brawls
  • Big Blue-Play as Captain Falcon 10 Times in Brawls
  • Electroplankton-Play Event #28.
  • Flat Zone 2-Unlock Mr. Game and Watch
  • Great Sea-Unlock Toon Link
  • Green Greens-Play 20 Matches Using Kirby
  • Green Hill Zone-Unlock Sonic
  • Jungle Japes-Play on any Melee Stage 10 times
  • Luigi’s Mansion-Play 3 Brawls using Luigi
  • Mario Bros.-Complete Event Match #19
  • Original Pokemon Stadium-Play on Pokemon Stadium 2 10 times
  • Spear Pillar-Complete Event Match #25
  • these are some unlockable of super smash bros. brawl i took a hour of my own time.

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